REAL Leadership E-Learning and Experiential Programs

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  • REAL Leadership e-Learning

    Our online REAL Leadership program outlines and defines what it means to be a REAL leader. There are 4 leadership modules focusing on the REAL leadership competencies: Resilience, Engagement, Agility and Leadership Wisdom.

  • Within each of these 4-modules we focus the personal, organizational and team aspects of each competency. This is a holistic approach to personal awareness and emotional intelligence combined with behavioral techniques to improve leadership competencies.

  • Each section of our on-line REALLeadership program will consist of content, handouts, recommended field experiments and quizzes to ensure application and understanding.

  • REAL Leadership Experiential Workshop

    Our REAL Leadership is a face-to-face live workshop for graduates of our online program. Our facilitators, using experiential exercises and learning techniques bring to life the concepts taught in the online learning program.

  • Participants learn from each other in group experiences along with “best-in-class” learning from our experienced facilitators.


  • We can customize this workshop for your organization ensuring alignment with your organizations core-principles and values.

The online course will cover such topics as:

1. Cognitive and Emotional Resilience

2. Self-Awareness and Self-Management

3. Stress-Reduction

4. Mindfulness and Meditation

5. Reframing Derailing Behaviors

6. Collaboration and Alignment

7. Teamwork and Community

8. Agility and Flexibility

9. Decision-Making versus Discernment

10. Creating a Powerful Culture

11. Leading with Humility, Authenticity and Compassion

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

John Quincy Adams