REAL™ Culture On-Line Program and Experiential Workshop

Conscious Business Insights | Cultural FItness
  • REAL Culture On-Line

    Our online REAL™ Culture On-Line e-Learning outlines and defines how to build a high performing cultures. 

  • High performing cultures are supported by 5-key cultural drivers: Leadership, Relationships, Enablement, Passion and Mood.

  • Each section of our REAL Culture e-Learning programs will consist of content, handouts, recommended field experiments and quizzes to ensure application and understanding.

Cultural Workshop
  • REAL Culture Workshop

    Our REAL Culture Experiential Workshop is for graduates of our online program. Our facilitators, using experiential exercises and learning techniques bring to life the concepts taught in the online learning program.

  • Participants learn from each other in group experiences along with “best-in-class” learning from our experienced facilitators.


  • We can customize this workshop for your organization ensuring alignment with your organizations core-principles and values.

REAL Culture e-Learning and Experiential Programs will cover such topics:

1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: An Organizational Perspective

2. The 5-Drivers of CulturalFitness

3. Why Human Needs Matter

4. Impact of Human Needs on Culture and Performance

5. How to Improve Collaboration and Engagement

6. Uncovering Deep Motivators to Improve Performance

“Engaging the hearts, minds and hands of talent is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage.”

Greg Harris, President & CEO, Quantum Workplace.