Our REAL™ Leadership 360 Workshop is available as an online course and as an in-person workshop intensive.

The online course provides the foundation of REAL™ leadership principles while the in-person workshop intensive allows for deeper interactive community learning and group coaching.

organizational culture

Our REAL™ Culture Workshop is available as an online course and an in-person workshop intensive. There are 5-drivers of culture.

The online course provides the foundation and tools to improve culture. The in-person workshop brings together peer groups who can interactively address today’s on-going cultural issues and gain guidance, deep group coaching, and strategies for cultural maturity and improved engagement.


Our Mindful Leadership program is a highly customized learning experience that includes: online and in-person courses and consulting.

We combine our REAL™ Culture Assessment, our Executive Coaching Process, online training with intensive mindful coaching sessions.

Culture Systems Training

This is clients who are interested in learning how to use the REAL™ Culture system.

Becoming trained in the system allows our clients to create and develop their own customized leadership and cultural baselines, along with using our unique pulsing engine and micro-burst learning paths.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi