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Executive Coaching

Four-Step Executive Coaching Process

Based on the principles of REAL Leadership, Conscious Business Insights' consultants partner with leaders to help them to improve their self-awareness, cognitive and emotional intelligence, and resilience.

  • Assess and Define:

    First, we define a vision that the coachee wants to achieve. We use a combination of feedback interviews, leadership assessments, and our REAL Leadership and REAL Culture Assessments. We establish a baseline of core competencies and leadership and cultural gaps. Based on the analytics and coaching discussions, the client and the executive coach define the goals and objectives of the coaching process and create the roadmap for leadership and cultural success.

  • Develop Competency:

    Our highly customized coaching approach can extend from 6-18 months. We work together with our client to establish a coaching schedule. Some clients need a more ad-hoc and emergent type of schedule, other clients need coaching sessions every 2-4 weeks. During our coaching time we discuss live issues, develop behavioral strategies and create field experiments. Our field experiments allow the client to build the business skills and the human emotional intelligence skills required to be an exceptional leader.

  • Measure Progress:

    Every month we pulse one of the key REAL Leadership competencies and one of the drivers of REAL Culture. Our system identifies deeper leadership and cultural issues that the client may not be aware of. Our tool then provides a recommended solution and roadmap to cultivate higher emotional intelligence, improve employee engagement, communicate with greater impact and influence, become more agile and flexible, think more strategically, to perform at their highest level.

  • Continuous Learning:

    What is unique about our process is not only does the client leader obtain coaching, feedback, and field experiments via our REAL CulturalFitness tool, the client’s team also participates in the learning and improving the process. Utilizing the Cultural Assessment tool, when pulse surveys are completed, everyone on the team who participated in the Cultural Assessment survey receives a learning roadmap and recommended behaviors for improvement. Our coaches help the client have crucial conversations with their teams so that everyone is working toward greater success.

With clear meaning and purpose comes a renewed trust in leadership.

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