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Culture Consulting

Helping Companies With Their Organizational Transformation

  • Conscious Business Insights understands that when individuals contribute in a meaningful way, the organizations and shareholders win. When your staff is prepared and energized with aligned values, you have collaborative and empowered environments that encourage growth and development.

  • Studies on employee engagement show that engaged employees are better problem-solvers, make healthier decisions and are generally more productive. According to Gallup, organizations with high engagement produce 22% higher profitability than those organizations with low engagement.

  • CBNsights measures, teaches and improves the health of an organization. We create a customized organizational transformation that integrates with HR systems and drives overall company productivity. All results are in real-time and shared with participants.

  • Accountability and measurable results are at the core of our Organizational Coaching. The professionals at CBNsights use their years of experience and the latest, innovative technology to evaluate your needs. We calculate the data to develop an individualized, attainable action plan for your company.

Conscious Business Insights Partners With You We aren’t satisfied unless you are satisfied

We work collaboratively with our clients to build a customized and comprehensive roadmap creating resilient, agile, highly engaged and innovative leaders and cultures. Let us help you create your roadmap of success.

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