REAL™ Leadership 360 and REAL™ Culture Assessments

REAL™ Leadership 360 and REAL™ Culture Assessments Develop Competency, Measure Results, Continuously Learn

REAL™ Leadership Assessment is our comprehensive 360 solution. This in-depth protocol was developed based on 30-years of experience working with leaders around the world. We evaluate leadership behavior for effectiveness and link the results to your corporate culture. The REAL Leadership model focuses on building core leadership capabilities that boost employee engagement and drive results. Read more…


We promote a high-performing corporate culture fueled by highly-engaged employees who are inspired by effective leadership. We guide you in identifying root cause cultural issues and provide a roadmap for change that increases the energy, passion, and engagement. CulturalFitness works hand in hand with our REAL Leadership assessment. Read more…

REAL Leadership. REAL Culture. REAL Results.

Outline the objectives, discover root causes, analyze results, help you to set a baseline, and establish a roadmap for sustained progress, CBI has a created a methodology for REAL change.

The Roadmap

  • 31% of US and Canadian workers are engaged, 27% in Latin America and 15% worldwide.

  • Years of engagement surveys, mission statements, and corporate initiatives have not made significant impacts in employee engagement.

  • Engagement significantly impacts the bottom-line.